It's a blessing, it's a curse. Being able to work from everywhere and anywhere is one of my favourites perks, but being productive can be tricky. Here's a couple things I've learned along the way ...
Set your daily goal

Have one non-negotiable, must-be-done goal for the day. I love lists. Love. I write them and rewrite them throughout the day, I live for them. But often at the end of the day I'd feel so despondent I hadn't been able to do do that oh-so satisfying scratch through of enough tasks. But that's not the goal. Each and everything you have to do takes time.

I learned that I was way more focussed if I had picked one thing off that long list and woke up knowing that my purpose for the day was to get. it. done. I made sure that task was done properly instead of half heartedly working on 5 different things at the same time. Once I did, everything else is a bonus and I find myself flying through those tasks because the pressure's off

Be intentional with your mornings

How you spend the first hour of the day is so important. When I'm in my normal routine, I use an alarm clock like back in the 90s instead of my phone. I try to spend that first hour off my phone completely. I make coffee pronto and I have quiet time with my journal and bible. And then I start my day. Find what works for you ad what will set you up with a clear head for the rest of the day. I'm sure it looks different for everyone!

Plan your weeks

Your weekly schedule = NB! If you're working for yourself you're wearing a lot of hats. The best, best, best thing I started doing for myself was having 'themed days' for work. My editing gets down on a certain day, my marketing gets focussed on another, my errands get run on another etc. Certain things like clearing out computer would usually get put on the back burner for ages but if I have an entire morning dedicated to admin, it'll get done then. It kind of forces me to get around to the not-so fun tasks I'd usually put on the bottom of my to-do list.

Embrace the flexibility

That being said, enjoy the perks. Move around your days to suit you. Take the morning off and go for a hike. Pick a coffee shop to make your office away from home and visit often. In Cape Town that place was Field Office and here in Melbourne it's good old Touchwood.

Separate your spaces.

When I started my business the only place I could work from was my bedroom. I didn't realise how tough that was until I was able to have my own at-home office. Having your work space separate is a game changer. At the end of the day you can pack up, walk away and truly switch your mind off which is so important.

Dress up. This tip might not apply to everyone, but I know that I'm not someone who can work in PJ's (I wish - isn't that what people dream being your own boss is about?). Honestly, if I'm in pyjamas  nothing is getting done, my brain is in pyjama mode too. I make myself get dressed even if I have a full day at home just because it puts my brain into thinking mode

If you have any other tips and tricks I’d love to hear them! Cheering you, Carla x