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Portraits April 24, 2019 Tayfun + Maya A trip to the Mornington Peninsula was so worth the view with these two soon-to-be newlyweds. I think at one point I literally gasped when we saw the mountain scenery (I underestimated you Melbourne)... Portraits April 24, 2019 Gavin + Marnie I shot these two dear friends in their Melbourne home before they traded in city living for life out of van, traveling around Australia for a while. I love people who make life an adventure and these... Portraits February 20, 2018 Jarrod + Bonita Goodness. These two are very dear to my heart and I love looking back on these photos from just before they became Mr +Mrs. See their wedding here. Portraits January 24, 2018 Zana + Lionheart We celebrated the 5th birthday of the awesome Zana Products and some of the girl bosses that work alongside them. These girls kick A at what they do and are pretty inspiring. Check them out! ... Portraits December 24, 2017 Elgin Styled Shoot A styled shoot put together with the dream team to get the creative juices flowing. This one took place in the beautiful area of Elgin. Portraits October 27, 2017 Benjamin + Tammy This view + these two. Pure bliss x Portraits September 28, 2017 Karolien “Creative entitlement simply means believing that you are allowed to be here, and that—merely by being here—you are allowed to have a voice and a vision of your own.”  Elizabeth Gilbert ... Portraits August 28, 2017 Fairlady An editorial myself and some of my favours galpals to work put together for Fairlady.

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